How to fly with kids!

Recently I did a round trip with my 2 kids in Jordan. I noticed if you look up for any information about what to do if you travel with 2 small children, you hardly find any good information. So I will write 2 blogs, one about how to survive a flight with children and the other one about what to bring and how to survive a round-trip abroad with kids. 

My kids are currently 3 y/o and 1 y/o. So one side note, this blog is mostly written for parents with babies / toddlers. 

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Snæfellsnes – Iceland part 4

Hi everyone,

It seems we’re finally beginning to see some light at the end of the corona tunnle. A lot of countries are turning into code yellow! Time to make plans! (Scroll down for the Dutch version – all pictures are mine mine mine!)

First I was’nt really motivated to finish the Iceland blog as it has no purpose. Why writing a travel blog if the travel industry is completely washed away because of the corona virus. So it took a while….Maybe some of you are dreaming to go to Iceland. So here is the final Iceland blog! 

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Iceland part 3 – Glaciers and Waterfalls

Hi Everyone,

(Do you prefer to read this blog in the Dutch language including different photos? Scroll down!)

First of all I would like to wish you a happy 2021! Hopefully it will be better than 2020. A lot has happened last year besides COVID-19. We welcomed our second daughter, moved to a different house in a different…well.. not city but village! I found it hard adapting to my new life in combination with all the corona mess and job insecurity and was not really in the mood for blogging or even finishing the Iceland blog. Well a new year with a new years solution! More me-time and more blogs on the web.

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Unique Iceland part 2 – Vik I Myrdal & DC3 Airplane

(Picture: Seljalandsfoss waterfall)


After staying 2 nights in Reykjavik it was time to pack our bags and drive to Vik I Myrdal. While driving to Vik, you will pass by several famous Icelandic waterfalls you cannot miss out! Most of them are just beside the road what’s making it all quite easy to find. Vik is not very far, just a 2,5 hour drive (187 km) and the road and landscapes are very pretty. In Iceland you are not allowed to drive faster than 80 km/ph so if you combine driving with sightseeing you have a full day program.

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Unique Iceland – Reykjavik & The golden Circle Route & The Northern Lights

(Photo: Hrunalaug natural pool).

Hi everyone,

First of all, happy 2020!

I did not blog for months. I don’t know why but 2019 was quite hectic. I must say that my job (flight attendant), running the household, taking care of a toddler, and now being pregnant of baby 2, having pelvis instability and trying to find a bigger house is intense. I wish I had more time in a week and especially more ‘me-time’ so I could blog much more.

Anyway, last September I added a new country to my places I’ve been list. I visited Iceland together with the boyfriend and the baby/toddler. I was quite nervous about the baby/toddler thing ….but it went surprisingly well! Besides travel tips I will share my practical baby/toddler tips in this blog. I will split up this Iceland blog in several parts, otherwise the average reading time for this blogpost will be way way too long.
(Note: In Iceland I was already pregnant and very sick. I took pills every day against the nausea and the vomiting so I won’t share any spectacular food or restaurant tips because food and especially onion and garlic was my worst enemy during this trip).

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The Best of Berlin, Germany

(Photo: Me in Berlin)

Hi Everyone,

Three weeks ago we took a little break and jumped into the car to drive to Berlin in Germany. I went to Berlin a couple of times before. Once when I had a reunion with my study mates from Seoul. The other couple of times on a layover during one of my many work trips. My boyfriend never went to Berlin and the distance is ok if you like to go somewhere by car with a baby. It is a 6,5 hour drive from Amsterdam….so with a baby it takes approximately 8 hours to get in Berlin.

I love Berlin because of it’s edgy vibe and the many restaurants and bars it has. Of course I’m not able to hop from bar to bar but I tried out some cute new places which I will definitely mention in this blog. I will also mention if places are accessible with babies and if a place is child friendly. But if you don’t have a child, this blog will provide all the information you need for a great weekend in Berlin. (Nothing is sponsored, all pictures are mine, scroll down for the Dutch blog and different photo’s). 

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The Krka Waterfalls, Croatia

(Photo: Me at the Krka Waterfalls).

Hi Everyone,

Last Summer I went to Croatia with at that time a 12 week old baby. I went by car from The Netherlands to Zagreb, Novska (family), Split and Rovinj. The most beautiful place I visited in Croatia were the Krka waterfalls. The older I get, the more I appreciate things like nature. I’ve seen many waterfalls in my life, so many I’m not often impressed. But I really liked this one. Probably because it’s big, clean and the environment is nice. Last but not least, you are able to swim here which makes it more special. (All pictures are mine, nothing is sponsored).

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Enchanting Bruges, Belgium

(Photo: Near the Beguinage).

Hi Everyone,

Long time no see! And a happy new year!

The battery of my laptop crashed in December and Apple could not solve the problem. So I couldn’t blog for quite a while. But here I am, back with a brand new laptop. In the mean time I started working again. I passed all the flight safety exams and completed my training, so I’m ready to travel the world again (but parttime).

Anyway, just before Christmas we planned a family getaway to Bruges in Belgium with the baby. As we are tied up with rosters and work schedules again at the moment, we really enjoyed spending some time together. Bruges is not too far from Amsterdam, I guess a 3,5 hour drive which is perfect with a baby. It is the biggest city in the province West-Flanders. They speak Flemisch-Dutch which I of course understand as a Dutchie, very convenient I must say! (All pictures are mine, nothing is sponsored).

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The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

(Photo: Me in front of the Rijksmuseum. Note: I was 36,5 weeks pregnant when this picture was taken, this is not my normal shape 😉 .)

Hi Everyone,

My hometown Amsterdam is getting more and more popular among tourists. As I won’t travel so much until January, – why not posting some blogs about Amsterdam! There is enough to see and to do around this beautiful city! In my opinion, Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities I know! The architecture is incredible, you’ll always find something to do, it is small and cosy and there are a bunch of nice lunch-spots and restaurants around!

The most famous museum of Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum. I visited this museum several times from when I was younger until a few weeks ago together with my baby. Now you probably think….. going to a museum with a baby???? I never experienced her so quiet and sleepy luckily. (All pictures are mine, nothing is sponsored).

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My favorite baby items

(Photo: My baby with her favorite toy)

Hi everyone, Hoi iedereen! 

As a new mom I got quite some questions about my favorite baby items. After 4 months I absolutely know whats practical and whats not. When I was pregnant I bought some stuff I would never buy now, as they are not very useful (I bought a lot of baby shoes or standard baby bodysuits – I only like wrap around bodysuits for babies). And I absolutely notice the difference in quality between some brands and products. When I created this blog I added a lifestyle menu button on the website but never wrote any content for it. So here you find my first ‘lifestyle’ piece! Some product you’ll only find in the Netherlands, but probably you find a good alternative in your own country!  (Notice: Absolutely nothing is sponsored, I bought everything myself and all pictures are mine).

Als een nieuwe moeder krijg ik regelmatig de vraag welke babyproducten handig zijn en welke totaal niet. Na 4 maanden weet ik onderhand wel wat essentieel is en wat je beter in de winkel kunt laten liggen. Toen ik net zwanger was heb ik een aantal items gekocht die niet handig zijn en die ik nu nooit voor een baby zou kopen (denk aan het feit dat ik los ben gegaan op baby schoenen, of standaard rompers heb aangeschaft die je over het hoofd aan en uit doet). Ook merk ik echt verschil in kwaliteit als het gaat om bepaalde producten en merken. Toen ik mijn blog creëerde heb ik ruimte gemaakt voor lifestyle blogs in het menu, maar hier nooit wat mee gedaan. Dus hierbij mijn eerste blog die wel in dit onderwerp valt. (Alles is zelf gekocht en alle foto’s zijn van mijn hand). 

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