The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

(Photo: Me in front of the Rijksmuseum. Note: I was 36,5 weeks pregnant when this picture was taken, this is not my normal shape 😉 .)

Hi Everyone,

My hometown Amsterdam is getting more and more popular among tourists. As I won’t travel so much until January, – why not posting some blogs about Amsterdam! There is enough to see and to do around this beautiful city! In my opinion, Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities I know! The architecture is incredible, you’ll always find something to do, it is small and cosy and there are a bunch of nice lunch-spots and restaurants around!

The most famous museum of Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum. I visited this museum several times from when I was younger until a few weeks ago together with my baby. Now you probably think….. going to a museum with a baby???? I never experienced her so quiet and sleepy luckily. (All pictures are mine, nothing is sponsored).

The Rijksmuseum, as I once heard they call it the Cathedral of Arts, was closed for a very long time due to the renovations (and also modernization) of this imposing building. The result is stunning. Yearly over a 2 million people visit the Rijksmuseum and it’s at the top of every ‘things-to-do-in-Amsterdam list’. So, is it really that great? Well, I’m normally not really into musea – but the Rijksmuseum has many different types of art and some things are recognizable from books or television, so it is worth a visit.

(Photo: People hanging around the Museum Square).

Outside, besides the iconic ,beautiful and historical building of the Rijksmuseum, you find a big square called the Museum square – which owes it names to the many museums around the square, like the Stedelijk Museum (modern art) and the Van Gogh Museum (Vincent van Gogh). At the museum square you find the popular I Amsterdam sign and a huge grass field where locals love to picknick (Next to the Stedelijk Museum you find a underground supermarket where you can buy food and drinks) and enjoy the sun during the summer.

What I love about the Rijksmuseum is the bicycle passage through the museum itself. I just love to cycle here and this is the right spot where you find the entrance. Did you watch the movie ‘the fault in our stars’? Remember the scene where Hazel and Augustus walk trough this passage and listen to street musicians? The street musicians are mostly there, playing classical music – but I once passed by and heard them playing the song despacito from Luis Fonsi.

(Photo: The bicycle passage).

I cannot remember standing in a long line to enter the Rijksmuseum, not even in the afternoon. But I heard it could be quite crowded during the weekends and during the Dutch school holidays! So yes, if you visit the museum in the morning it will be less crowded (probably). The staff is very kind and helpful, especially when I came by with the pram, they helped me with the best route / where the elevators are located and they were holding doors for me.

The museum is very big, has 3 floors full of paintings, jewelry, furniture, and more. The oldest art is exposed (which is not my favorite) on the ground floor and if you walk your way up, the art will get less old with on the top floor a bit more modern art. On the first floor you’ll find the Great Hall with the most famous paintings like the Nightwatch of Rembrandt and The Milkmaid of Vermeer. What I also like on the first floor is the library room. If you pass by all those different rooms you find a self portrait of Vincent van Gogh, many paintings of old kings which I recognize from mostly history books and I love the old dollhouses and the old canopy bed because it was my favorite thing to see when I was a child – and it is still there! On the top floor I absolutely love (I’m a flight attendant, of course I love this) the airplane (which actually has never flown)!

(Photo: The Nightwatch).
(Photo: The entrance to the Great Hall).
(Photo: The library room).
(Photo: Vincent van Gogh).
(Photo: The airplane).

Around the Rijksmuseum:
If you want to combine your visit to the museum with other activities in the neighborhood, close by you find some good lunch spots like the Corner bakery (Johannes Vermeerstraat), which is famous for their instagram worthy unicorn shakes. I love their menu and especially the red velvet pancakes. Another good lunch spot, which is actually a caterer but they have some tables upstairs – is Renzo’s (Van Baerlestraat). Their sandwiches with beef ‘dino’ or duck ‘dino’ are incredible!

(Photo: Lunch at the Corner Bakery). 

After lunch you could go to the Vondelpark via the PC Hooftstraat – which is the most expensive shopping street in the Netherlands. At the Vondelpark you can stroll around and have a drink at Het Blauwe Theehuis or Vondelpark3. During hot summer days this park is very crowded.

The famous canals are super close, so you could decide to walk or bike around the city center, take pictures and enjoy this very very pretty but crowded area! My favorite lunch spots near the Canals are Lion Noir (Reguliersdwarsstraat close to the Herengracht), Homemade (Singel) or Lotti’s at the Hoxton hotel (Herengracht).

(Photo: One of the iconic canals of Amsterdam).

Also close to the museum, at the Weteringscircuit you find the Heineken Experience. I never visited the Heineken Experience as it is not my cup of tea (or beer). But if you are really interested in beer, anything that contains alcohol, or the brand Heineken, have fun! I heard one glass of beer is included in your ticket, so if this makes you happy…well… At the Weteringscircuit you find my favorite and my most visited ‘local pub’ called Brecht. This pub is a Berlin style living room with a great atmosphere. Their Aperol Spritz and Moscow Mule cocktails are amazing and definitely have a look at their extra ‘changing/seasonal’ cocktail menu.

Every first Saturday of November, each year, Museum night is organized in Amsterdam.  More than 50 museums are open from 19 PM until 2 AM. Some museums organize tours, concerts, workshops and of course you find food and drinks everywhere. So if you love museums and you would like to visit Amsterdam, keep this date in mind.

Hope you like this post! Please subscribe and follow me on instagram (misstravelstories). See you around!

xoxo Chanel



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