Unique Iceland part 2 – Vik I Myrdal & DC3 Airplane

(Picture: Seljalandsfoss waterfall)


After staying 2 nights in Reykjavik it was time to pack our bags and drive to Vik I Myrdal. While driving to Vik, you will pass by several famous Icelandic waterfalls you cannot miss out! Most of them are just beside the road what’s making it all quite easy to find. Vik is not very far, just a 2,5 hour drive (187 km) and the road and landscapes are very pretty. In Iceland you are not allowed to drive faster than 80 km/ph so if you combine driving with sightseeing you have a full day program.

First stop: Seljalandsfoss!
This waterfall is a very famous one as you can hike behind this 65m high waterfall. After you made a snapshot of the waterfall in front (just wait in line), you enter a steep path with leads you upwards and behind this waterfall. As it is very wet it is also very slippery so be careful. The walking path is not suitable for if you are carrying a baby in the baby carrier. So I did not do the small hike as it made me nervous, also because of the early pregnancy. But my boyfriend went up for me to make some pictures! In front of this waterfall site you find a small coffee shop and a small souvenir shops where they sell the most beautiful stuffed puffins! (I did a whole research because I had to buy one for my daughter and at this small shop you find the most pretty ones of South Iceland).

(Photos: Seljalandsfoss waterfall).

Next stop: Gljúfrabúi!
This waterfall is just some meters away from the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. From the road you cannot see this waterfall as it is hidden within a cleft in a cliff. The waterfall is small and gorgeous but you need some strong nerves and waterproof shoes to reach the waterfall. I had to walk over some slippery stones and rocks while holding the cliff. As people are walking back via the same route of stones I find the route challenging, especially if you fall or slip off the stones or small rocks you have wet cold socks for the rest of the day (luckily me and my socks and my camera survived). With the Icelandic weather and wind that’s not recommendable. But hey, it is very beautiful so give it a try!

(Photo: Gljúfrabúi Waterfall).

Next stop: Skógafoss
Another famous waterfall which is 60m high and has a width of 25 meters. This waterfall is huge! The area set up is quite big and you find a big parking spot with a large restaurant at this area. This is also a good stop if you like to have lunch. You do not find many restaurants at the side of the road in Iceland. It’s very easy to reach the waterfall and take a picture in front. Because you stand so close by the waterfall it’s most of the time very windy and very wet. I was glad I wore my rain jacket otherwise I would be soaked. Near the waterfall you find some hiking routes.

(Photo: Skógafoss waterfall and a crying baby in a baby carrier).

Side note: Kvernufoss
A visit to the Kvernufoss waterfall was on the list as well and we made it until the ticket office. The lady behind the counter recommend not to do the hike to the waterfall as the hike can be quite challenging for ‘fit’ people, the trail was slippery and thats even more challenging with a baby in a baby carrier and being pregnant. Also because of the length of the hike we decides to skip this waterfall and go to the hotel. But if you have time and you love to walk, the pictures of the Kvernufoss waterfall look amazing!

From the Kvernufoss waterfall it is a 25 minute drive to the Volcano Hotel which is located just outside a town named Vik I Myrdal. The Volcano hotel is a small but modern B&B with big and comfortable rooms, breakfast is included and you may grab coffee and tea all day. They have baby cods and baby chairs available and a microwave to heat up baby meals.

Vik I Myrdal is a small town close to various beaches where you find a church, some houses, restaurants and a huge souvenirshop and supermarket. The first night we had dinner at a cosy and popular restaurant called Sudur Vik. On the menu you find various options including some Icelandic dishes, pizza’s, curries and more. As I felt very very nauseous the kind staff made me a salad without any onion and garlic as I could not stand onion and garlic (now, I’m 38 weeks pregnant and these two ingredients became a problem again).

DC3 Plane wreckage
After a good night sleep the alarm went off very early as we planned to visit the DC3 Plane wreckage. As we work both in the aviation industry and I think the DC3 is one of the most beautiful airplanes ever, I had to visit this attraction! To be honest, this was for me the main reason to visit Iceland and I liked this activity the most. Yes, I’m a aviation geek! This plane crashed in 1973 at the black beach of the Sólheimasandur desert and luckily all the crew members survived. It’s a popular attraction and a great spot if you are into photography. So It’s important to visit this site early and be there before the shuttle bus starts to drive at 10 AM. From the parking spot to the plane wreckage it is a +/- 1 hour walk of almost 4 km. Just walk in a straight line, there is no possibility to get lost and the airplane will appear in front of you at some point. Also bring some water and good shoes and keep in mind there are no facilities like toilets around. When we arrived there were not so many people around so we could take pictures and climb on the DC3 which is quite scary as some tourists damaged the plane and there is a big whole at the roof of the airplane. When the first bus arrived at ten we were done with taking tons of pictures and we took the shuttle bus back which brought us to the parking lot within 15 minutes. I was very happy with our timing! If you like to check out the bus schedule you can do so over here!

(Photos: Sólheimasandur DC3 Plane).

After this morning exercise it was time to go for a beach tour!

First stop: Dyrhólaey beach.
This is the southernmost point of Iceland and famous for its lighthouse, its puffins (but they are there until august so not around when I was visiting) and a beautiful rock arch.

(Photos: Dyrhólaey beach view and lighthouse).

Next stop: Reynisfjara & Halsanefshellir cave!
The coolest beach and the beach with I think the roughest and most diverse nature. At this black sand lava beach you find a very powerful sea with dangerous waves, large basalt columns, dramatic sea stacks and a cave. at this spot you’ll find all kinds of nature at one beach (except if you are looking for a tropical beach, this is the opposite of a tropical beach). If you are a Game of Thrones fan (well I’m not, I never watched it) …. episode 5 and 6 of season 7 were filmed at this beach.

(Photos: Reynisfjara beach including basalt columns, baby Phileine en the Halsanefshellir cave).

Last stop: Reynisdrangar
From this site you are able to see the sea stacks you have seen at Reynisfjara beach from the other side. This of course also beautiful beach is maybe a bit less diverse as the Reynisfjara beach but it’s very close by and easy to combine.

(Photo: Walking at Reynisdrangar beach).

I used the baby carrier again during all our little beach hikes as a stroller and sand are a inconvenient combination for sure and the paths which leads to the beaches are not stroller friendly. For babies and toddlers the beaches are great if they like to play with sand (or in my case she tried to eat sand)….

After this sightseeing day and some coffee and tea at our B&B we went out for dinner at another recommended restaurant in Vik which is called Halldorskaffi. This restaurant is a bit smaller but has almost the same menu as Sudur Vik. I tried the Icelandic pizza with 4 types of cheeses and some kind of blueberry jam as this was an option without onion and garlic! The pizza tasted actually better than expected as I did not know what to think about Icelandic pizza (but its on every menu in every restaurant so of course I like to try it).

Hope you liked this blogpost about Vik I Myrdal and a part of the south coast of Iceland! Next blog will be about the glaciers of Jokursalon and how to reach the Svartifoss waterfall!

xoxo Chanel


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