About Me


Hi Everyone,

I am MissTravelStories, or in real life Chanel (yes really… thats my real name), I’m born in 1990 and I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In my daily life I’m a mom of a baby daughter (june ’18) and Flight Attendant for a Dutch airline and I travel all over the world to a lot of different destinations.
At a young age I was very interested in other country’s and cultures. I remember I read a lot of travel magazines instead of other reading materials for my age and fantasizing about destinations I would like to visit and activities I wanted to do when I was a grown up.

Now, a lot of years, airlines (my current and final airline is my 4th airline I’m working for) and visited countries later I finally have the guts to write it down and to create my own blog.
Besides traveling I’m interested in photography (even if it is with my Iphone – and no I will never be the next Jimmy Nelson), fashion (covered with baby puke mostly) and I’m a huge food addict. I love to cook and discover new places and restaurants in my hometown or when abroad. These will all be the ingredients for this blog with a main focus on traveling, hotspots and maybe my flight attendant life.

During a lot of trips, and almost every destination I discover something nice or inspirational. I also love to mark off all the famous and well known places in the world. The combination of touristic and well-known with undiscovered or hidden spots makes all of this so fun! These are my travel stories and lifestyle stories through my eyes with my point of view. Enjoy reading!



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