My favourite things to do in Buenos Aires

(Photo: Buenos Aires vibes and music)

Hi Everyone,

I never get bored of Buenos Aires. Actually the more often I visit this city, the more I like it. The first time I visited Buenos Aires was in 2014 during a short 2-weeks backpack trip all by myself. At that time I stayed at the Millhouse hostel – the most fun party hostel of Buenos Aires (which is a great place if you travel alone – you never have to feel alone and  have the opportunity to meet people and hang out / do some sightseeing stuff / have dinner and party with people all the time). From 2015 and on I went back almost every year due to my flight attendant job (now I have the opportunity to stay in a beautiful hotel) on 8 day layovers, with a turnaround Santiago de Chili in between.(Nothing is sponsored, all pictures are taken by me, scroll down for the Dutch story and different photos).

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