The Countryside of China – Karst mountains & Yangshuo

(photo: Yangshuo bamboo boat & Karstmountains)

Hi everyone,

This year I was lucky – I got a ‘spontaneously 6-day layover’ in Xiamen on my roster. Perfect  to head out for a trip to Guilin & Yangshuo, the countryside of China where the famous Karst mountains are located. This area is mostly known for it’s karst landscapes and impressive nature – and is a must do if you are traveling in China! I’ve been to different places in China (mostly cities), and I must say the vibe around this area feels different in a good way. (all pictures are taken by me – nothing is sponsored)

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A speeddate with the Taj Mahal

(photo: me at the Taj Mahal)

Hi Everyone,

The last time I had a quick stopover in Delhi (for just 24 hours) I decided with one of my colleagues to visit the Taj Mahal. This is quite a crazy plan because a one way drive takes already 3 hours and everything was arranged (driver + guide) just an hour before te flight left. That did not stop us from marking off this bucket list thing. Because really? What do you want to see from the world? I guess the only right answer is everything! (Ok maybe not e-ve-ry-thing but all the nice stuff – yes). And the very famous Taj Mahal is included as well if we talk about my wish-list. (All photo’s on this blog are my very own pictures – nothing is sponsored)

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My top 10 favorite beaches

(photo – San Blas islands)

Hi everyone,

I love to spend my days on the beach. Lucky for me, I do not only visit some pretty beaches during my holidays, but also during my layovers I sometimes get the chance to stick my toes into the white sand and enjoy the view consisting of clear blue water and palm trees. Here are my top 10 favorite beaches: (all pictures are taken by me)

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Escaping the craziness of Bangkok

(photo: me at the Klongs of Bangkok)

Hi Everyone,

I recently came back from Bangkok for work. I always enjoy Bangkok layovers. The weather is nice (only during the summer it is quite humid and sweaty), the massages are good and cheap and I really enjoy Thai Food. (nothing is sponsored – all pictures are taken by me)

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