Enchanting Bruges, Belgium

(Photo: Near the Beguinage).

Hi Everyone,

Long time no see! And a happy new year!

The battery of my laptop crashed in December and Apple could not solve the problem. So I couldn’t blog for quite a while. But here I am, back with a brand new laptop. In the mean time I started working again. I passed all the flight safety exams and completed my training, so I’m ready to travel the world again (but parttime).

Anyway, just before Christmas we planned a family getaway to Bruges in Belgium with the baby. As we are tied up with rosters and work schedules again at the moment, we really enjoyed spending some time together. Bruges is not too far from Amsterdam, I guess a 3,5 hour drive which is perfect with a baby. It is the biggest city in the province West-Flanders. They speak Flemisch-Dutch which I of course understand as a Dutchie, very convenient I must say! (All pictures are mine, nothing is sponsored).

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