Snæfellsnes – Iceland part 4

Hi everyone,

It seems we’re finally beginning to see some light at the end of the corona tunnle. A lot of countries are turning into code yellow! Time to make plans! (Scroll down for the Dutch version – all pictures are mine mine mine!)

First I was’nt really motivated to finish the Iceland blog as it has no purpose. Why writing a travel blog if the travel industry is completely washed away because of the corona virus. So it took a while….Maybe some of you are dreaming to go to Iceland. So here is the final Iceland blog! 

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Iceland part 3 – Glaciers and Waterfalls

Hi Everyone,

(Do you prefer to read this blog in the Dutch language including different photos? Scroll down!)

First of all I would like to wish you a happy 2021! Hopefully it will be better than 2020. A lot has happened last year besides COVID-19. We welcomed our second daughter, moved to a different house in a different…well.. not city but village! I found it hard adapting to my new life in combination with all the corona mess and job insecurity and was not really in the mood for blogging or even finishing the Iceland blog. Well a new year with a new years solution! More me-time and more blogs on the web.

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Unique Iceland part 2 – Vik I Myrdal & DC3 Airplane

(Picture: Seljalandsfoss waterfall)


After staying 2 nights in Reykjavik it was time to pack our bags and drive to Vik I Myrdal. While driving to Vik, you will pass by several famous Icelandic waterfalls you cannot miss out! Most of them are just beside the road what’s making it all quite easy to find. Vik is not very far, just a 2,5 hour drive (187 km) and the road and landscapes are very pretty. In Iceland you are not allowed to drive faster than 80 km/ph so if you combine driving with sightseeing you have a full day program.

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Unique Iceland – Reykjavik & The golden Circle Route & The Northern Lights

(Photo: Hrunalaug natural pool).

Hi everyone,

First of all, happy 2020!

I did not blog for months. I don’t know why but 2019 was quite hectic. I must say that my job (flight attendant), running the household, taking care of a toddler, and now being pregnant of baby 2, having pelvis instability and trying to find a bigger house is intense. I wish I had more time in a week and especially more ‘me-time’ so I could blog much more.

Anyway, last September I added a new country to my places I’ve been list. I visited Iceland together with the boyfriend and the baby/toddler. I was quite nervous about the baby/toddler thing ….but it went surprisingly well! Besides travel tips I will share my practical baby/toddler tips in this blog. I will split up this Iceland blog in several parts, otherwise the average reading time for this blogpost will be way way too long.
(Note: In Iceland I was already pregnant and very sick. I took pills every day against the nausea and the vomiting so I won’t share any spectacular food or restaurant tips because food and especially onion and garlic was my worst enemy during this trip).

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