Around Lake Titicaca, Peru

(Photo: Lake Titicaca).

Hi everyone,

Way way back – one of my favorite Dutch television programs called Peking Express was filmed in Peru. This sounds a bit weird; the concept of the television program can be best described as couples who signed up for a hitchhike competition – (originally started in Peking and around the Peking Express railway) – but to keep the concept updated they chose to film in other countries for the other seasons. Anyways, back in 2007 I fell in love with the images of Peru and especially the Machu Picchu. In November 2015 this dream came true. I traveled to Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes and the Machu Picchu, to Puno and Lake Titicaca and ended my trip in Arequipa. If I see pictures of Peru they are almost all taken at the Machu Picchu which I understand because it is one of the coolest and most magical spots on earth. I will definitely write a blogpost about that later on. Less shown on for example instagram is Lake Titicaca which is also beautiful, picture worthy and yes a bit touristic as well. (Nothing is sponsored, all pictures are mine, scroll down for the Dutch blogpost including different photos)

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