The Seoul of Asia – South Korea

(Photo: Gwanghwamun square Seoul)

Hi everyone, 

(First of all, some photo’s are taken by a really bad and old camera many years ago, so I’m sorry if the quality is not great of a few pictures – I try to use the pics taken with a better camera as much as possible! I made the faces of friends and acquaintances unrecognizable because they don’t have to end up at the internet and become a victim of my hobby 😉 – (All pictures are mine, nothing is sponsored).

In 2009 and 2010 I studied in Seoul at the Sungkyunkwan University. This was such a good time! Getting to know Korea, the Korean people and their culture, as well foreign students from all over the world which taught me all their traditions. Also I know much more about for example the hype around K-pop, doctor fish (which is….many years later populair in Europe), celebrating national festivities, celebrating Halloween, the clubbing scene, karaoke, Korean food, having dinner at any time of the day (and night), cutting food with a scissor, bumping into weird shops (the best one, which unfortunately disappeared, was a 3D ride attraction shop – where you stepped into a moving fake car with 3D glasses on and experienced a virtual rollercoaster of horror scene), Korean Drama series (especially Full House) and many more!

Well, a blogpost about Seoul. Many people don’t know a lot about South-Korea or Seoul and don’t think of Korea as a travel destination like for example Japan or China. Unfortunate because Seoul is a huge metropolis where you can see and do a lot of things. And besides that, Korea is a beautiful country which has a lot to offer besides Seoul. In my opinion –  Seoul is even more modern as Tokyo. Seoul consist of a lot of districts, which all are known for something (a student district, shopping districts, a theater district, art district, clubbing district, fancy district etc.), sticked together and created this enormous city. In Seoul you find history and the future mixed together and it is a city which never sleeps. As I lived here for in total 8 months I got to know this city quite well and lately I noticed more and more people are planning a trip to Korea. Still it’s hard to write down tips for Seoul as places and especially restaurants open up and disappear a couple of weeks later. This city is changing every week – but the main attractions and things you should do (or eat)….it all stays the same. Here’s my to do list if you visit Seoul for the first time!

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