The TransMongolian Express part 5: The Trainride & First Mongolian Landscapes

(Photo: Me and a Mongolian Train Unit)

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry it took a while to continue posting on my blog, especially about this trip. Maybe you have checked out my instagram page (misstravelstories) and noticed something exciting happened. I’m now at the moment (while writing this post) 14,5 weeks pregnant! Unfortunately I felt very sick in the first trimester so was not able to write any posts as the computer screen made me feel nauseous!

I was always fascinated about Mongolia and it’s culture, don’t ask me why. When I was still in high school I remember I read a article in a magazine called the ElleGirl (it does not exist anymore in the Netherlands) about 2 girls who did this trip. Since that moment it was at the top of my bucket list. And finally it was time to get on the train to Ulaanbaatar! So exciting! The train ride from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar takes 2 nights and less than 2 days. (All photos are taken by me – nothing is sponsored – scroll down for the Dutch version and different photos)

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