Around Lake Titicaca, Peru

(Photo: Lake Titicaca).

Hi everyone,

Way way back – one of my favorite Dutch television programs called Peking Express was filmed in Peru. This sounds a bit weird; the concept of the television program can be best described as couples who signed up for a hitchhike competition – (originally started in Peking and around the Peking Express railway) – but to keep the concept updated they chose to film in other countries for the other seasons. Anyways, back in 2007 I fell in love with the images of Peru and especially the Machu Picchu. In November 2015 this dream came true. I traveled to Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes and the Machu Picchu, to Puno and Lake Titicaca and ended my trip in Arequipa. If I see pictures of Peru they are almost all taken at the Machu Picchu which I understand because it is one of the coolest and most magical spots on earth. I will definitely write a blogpost about that later on. Less shown on for example instagram is Lake Titicaca which is also beautiful, picture worthy and yes a bit touristic as well. (Nothing is sponsored, all pictures are mine, scroll down for the Dutch blogpost including different photos)

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My favourite things to do in Buenos Aires

(Photo: Buenos Aires vibes and music)

Hi Everyone,

I never get bored of Buenos Aires. Actually the more often I visit this city, the more I like it. The first time I visited Buenos Aires was in 2014 during a short 2-weeks backpack trip all by myself. At that time I stayed at the Millhouse hostel – the most fun party hostel of Buenos Aires (which is a great place if you travel alone – you never have to feel alone and  have the opportunity to meet people and hang out / do some sightseeing stuff / have dinner and party with people all the time). From 2015 and on I went back almost every year due to my flight attendant job (now I have the opportunity to stay in a beautiful hotel) on 8 day layovers, with a turnaround Santiago de Chili in between.(Nothing is sponsored, all pictures are taken by me, scroll down for the Dutch story and different photos).

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My top 10 favorite beaches

(photo – San Blas islands)

Hi everyone,

I love to spend my days on the beach. Lucky for me, I do not only visit some pretty beaches during my holidays, but also during my layovers I sometimes get the chance to stick my toes into the white sand and enjoy the view consisting of clear blue water and palm trees. Here are my top 10 favorite beaches: (all pictures are taken by me)

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