The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

(Photo: Me in front of the Rijksmuseum. Note: I was 36,5 weeks pregnant when this picture was taken, this is not my normal shape 😉 .)

Hi Everyone,

My hometown Amsterdam is getting more and more popular among tourists. As I won’t travel so much until January, – why not posting some blogs about Amsterdam! There is enough to see and to do around this beautiful city! In my opinion, Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities I know! The architecture is incredible, you’ll always find something to do, it is small and cosy and there are a bunch of nice lunch-spots and restaurants around!

The most famous museum of Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum. I visited this museum several times from when I was younger until a few weeks ago together with my baby. Now you probably think….. going to a museum with a baby???? I never experienced her so quiet and sleepy luckily. (All pictures are mine, nothing is sponsored).

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